Team: Flowers + Gardens

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A Boathouse day starts long before the first coffee is poured. In fact, it starts at 4am, when the flowers team begin their journey from the Northern Beaches to the Sydney Flower Market.

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By 5am, the market hall at Flemington is buzzing. Packed trollies are hurriedly darting in every direction, with flowers in all the colours of the rainbow filling buckets, arms and vans.

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By 6am, the flowers team is making their way back to the Boathouse venues, to fill rustic tables with colourful displays of seasonal florals. Some of our favourites at The Boathouse include roses, dahlias, hydrangeas. The team mix in florals amongst bowls of fresh produce, including lemons and limes.

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It will take the most part of the day for the team to visit The Boathouse venues and refresh their florals, whether for the cafes, accommodation or a special event.

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‘More is more’ is at the heart of The Boathouse. How better to enjoy a coffee or a special celebration than to be surrounded by fresh flowers?

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