The Boathouse Home: How to style your living room

Our living rooms are one of our most lived in spaces in our homes, and a space that should feel welcoming and relaxing. Here, Pip Goldsmith talks us through her tips and tricks for styling a coastal living room.

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Customising your cushions gives your room originality. It’s always nice to see things that you can’t purchase everywhere. This palm fabric is a new range from the UK. It comes in 3 colour ways and is a great touch of colour without it being over the top.

These rope chairs are currently in-store at The Boathouse Home. We can custom make your cushion base to suit your room. A lovely coastal option.

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Indoor plants or flowers always complete a space and give it life. Indoor ferns, plants or orchids have a longer life, so you don’t need to replace them as frequently as flowers.

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Baskets are practical and add texture. I love using benches with baskets underneath for blank walls or as an alternative to an entertainment unit. I’m always on the hunt for beautiful baskets!

I love throws, you can never have too many. I think they have the ability to add a touch of non committal colour as well as texture and warmth.

Our favourite throw at the moment features in our rooms at Barrenjoey House. It is a great size for a lounge or bed. It is a linen and cotton mix which is great, as it doesn’t get too creased.

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A lover of colour doesn’t mean you don’t also love white. Some spaces need the calm of an all neutral palette. This custom made shell mirror is such a beautiful, textural feature to any space. All coral used is sustainably harvested.

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Lamps are vital to your room, not just for light but usually help balance out areas. This custom shade is expensive but amazing. Some pieces I believe are worth the splurge.

Art is so important to you room, it is a great way to add interest and character. Also, it is a lovely personal reflection of who you are!

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No room is complete without stripes. Not true, but I am a stripe addict! I also opt for an ottoman over a coffee table in some spaces if there are too many hard surfaces and the room needs softening.

Fun objects on display give a room a bit of life, and your guests a small taste of your personality.

Shop the look at The Boathouse Home store in Palm Beach.

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