Behind the scenes: Catering photoshoot

The Boathouse now offers catering in your home or chosen location, ideal for weddings, parties, birthdays, corporate events, getting ready on your wedding day, recovery brunches and more.

Recently, some of The Boathouse team were on location for a photoshoot for the new catering offering.

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The package includes food, beverages, the Boathouse team for service, and styling options. You can shop tableware at The Boathouse Home store in Palm Beach.

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The menus have been designed by The Boathouse chefs and are based around the Boathouse concept of sharing. Your guests will enjoy interactive food options like paella and ham stations, or an oyster and sashimi bar, or sit down style events are available.

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Arthur in the kitchen preparing colourful salads to share!

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Julia from our events team practicing her pour!

The package also includes beverages and service by The Boathouse team.

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For more details and to book, please contact our events team:

02 9974 5440

Recipe: Market Fish

As seen in the latest Boathouse magazine, one of our favourite recipes is The Boathouse Market Fish.

Find the recipe below!

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Serves 4

Easy - Moderate

40 minutes - allow up to 24 hours to prepare


Salad 50G Snow pea tendrils 50G Cucumber 50G Shaved fennel 5 Sprigs dill per person 5 leaves mint per person 10G Dehydrated olives (method below) 20G Boozy apricots (method below) SALSA VERDE 1 Bunch coriander ½ Bunch parsley 200ML Olive oil 25ML Lemon juice Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper LEMON VINAIGRETTE 1 Clove garlic 100ML Lemon juice 50G Honey 30G Dijon mustard 80ML Apple cider vinegar 250ML Olive oil A pinch of salt BARRAMUNDI 180G Per person



DEHYDRATED OLIVES Strain a jar of kalamatta olives and place on a baking tray. Set your oven to 80 degrees and place the olives in. Leave for a number of hours until olives are completely free of moisture. Once dried, blitz in a food processor or bar blender until they create a crumb like consistency.

BOOZY APRICOTS To make the ‘boozy’ liquor, you need to combine one par t sherr y to one par t water, with a generous tablespoon of honey. Stir until the honey is dissolved, and throw in a handful of dehydrated apricots. Leave to soak overnight. Slice into strips and set aside for your salad. Finely slice the cucumber. Shave the fennel, as fine as possible. Combine the fennel, cucumber, snow pea tendrils, dehydrated olives, boozy apricots and herbs. Dress with lemon vinaigrette last minute.


Pan fry the barramundi.


Blitz all ingredients in a blender until combined.


Blitz all ingredients in a blender until combined.

To serve, sprinkle the olives and apricots and add a lemon cheek.

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